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Free Checking

Open a Dream Checking account with Cyprus Credit Union. Cyprus checking accounts have no minimum balance requirements, no monthly or annual fees and no per-check charges. Also, any balance over $500 will automatically earn interest. You may also be eligible for overdraft protection.

Rates  Open a New Account

Instead of writing checks, apply for a no-fee VISA® Debit Card. Use it anywhere VISA is accepted. Use your card with the confidence and security offered by VISA. As an overdraft card, it covers checks that cannot be covered with funds from your checking account. Use your VISA Debit at any of our 25,000 CO OP ATM’s nationwide to get cash fast.

Benefits of a Cyprus Free Checking Account

Fresh Start Checking

If you’ve had past banking problems and have been reported to ChexSystems, it may be difficult to open a new checking account. Cyprus’ Fresh Start Checking helps you improve your financial standing and work on building a fresh financial future.

Rates  Open a New Account

If you are denied a traditional checking account, you may be given the opportunity to open a Fresh Start Checking account (depending upon the severity of your report with ChexSystems).

How to start?

Come to any Cyprus Credit Union branch to apply. There is a low $25 account opening fee as well as a monthly fee of $5. Deposit your payroll and/or government checks and start using your Fresh Start Checking account right away.

After 12 consecutive months with no Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fees and upon your request, Cyprus will convert your account to a traditional Cyprus checking account.

ChexSystems Report Criteria

  • Record must be older than 1 year
  • Maximum of 2 ChexSystems records where the total owed from both records is $500 or less
  • If previous account was closed because of fraud or kiting we will not open a new account
  • If the record is from Cyprus, the record must be paid before we will open a new account
  • Terms and conditions subject to change

Fresh Start Checking Restrictions:

  • No check cashing privileges (except Government checks or known payroll)
  • No privilege pay
  • Will not earn interest
  • No Credit Union Service Center access
  • No mobile deposit

Benefits of Fresh Start Checking:

Additional Helpful Cyprus Services:

  • Direct Deposit: Have your payroll deposited directly into your account.
  • Dream CD: Open a certificate for $1 and add to it monthly while earning high certificate rates
  • Shared Secured Visa: Establish or reestablish your credit history with a Cyprus VISA card.
  • Youth Accounts: Designed for children to learn how to manage money

VISA® Debit Card

Use this card to pay for purchases or withdraw cash. Accepted anywhere you see the VISA® symbol.

Open a checking account today! apply online.


  • It's Free!
  • Funds are deducted immediately from your account
  • It doubles as your ATM card
  • It can be linked with a Cyprus Over Draft Loan. An overdraft loan acts as a buffer for your checking account. If you make a purchase for more than your available balance it is automatically transferred from your overdraft loan to your checking account saving you from bounced checks and check fees.

ATM Card

ATM cards are available with any Cyprus Credit Union savings account. ATM cards cannot be used for purchases at merchant locations, but are great for accessing your account at any of our 30,000 surcharge free ATM.

Call today to order an ATM card:
(801) 260-7600.