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VISA® Credit Cards

Cyprus Credit Union has a variety of offerings for VISA credit cards


Cyprus Credit Union Credit Cards. Get the cash you need, fast.

Our VISA® credit cards are designed to serve your unique needs. Whether you're looking for a low interest rate credit card or one with a few added perks, a Cyprus VISA® card will help you get the cash you need from an institution you can trust.

VISA® Platinum

Designed with you in mind, our VISA® Platinum card offers you security and convenience, with a great low rate and no hidden fees. Accepted at ATMs and merchants worldwide.

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VISA® Platinum Plus

Get the card that gives back! Additional benefits available from VISA® with the Platinum Plus card. Every dollar you charge earns you one point towards travel, gift certificates or cash back rewards. Apply today to start earning points. Click here to browse Extra Awards Points Summary to see what you can use your points for.

  • Additional Benefits:
  • $1,000,000 travel accident insurance
  • Redeem your points for travel, gift certificates or cash rewards

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Student VISA®

A Cyprus Credit Union Student VISA® is a great way for students ages 15 to 18 to learn the value and power of credit. With a limit of up to $300 students can learn to use credit responsibly.

Here's how:

  • Be a Cyprus Credit Union member (if you're not a member you'll need $5 to join the Community Recreation Association)
  • Have a job (like baby sitting, lawn mowing, fast food, etc.). We will need proof of income. You can either provide a recent pay stub or fill out this form describing approximately how much you earn in a month.
  • You will need a qualified comaker (Usually a parent or guardian)
  • Complete the “Credit Cards 101” web course and pass with 80% or above
  • Use your Student Visa Card responsibly

To apply:

Paying off your $300 VISA Balance*:
Payment Pmts Final Pmt Total Interest
$25 12 $15.09 $15.09
$30 10 $12.66 $12.66
$35 8 $30.94 $10.94
$40 7 $29.67 $ 9.67
$45 6 $38.67 $ 8.67
$50 6 $ 7.89 $ 7.89
*based on 8.75% APR  |  Student VISA Credit Card Agreement

Shares Secured VISA®

Need to build or rebuild your credit and don't want to pay the high interest rate? We have the VISA ® product you are looking for. Shares Secured VISAs receive the lowest VISA rate we offer. The amount you deposit into a share account determines your credit limit up to $5,000.

VISA® Gift Cards….The Perfect Gift, Every Time

VISA® Gift Cards are available at any Cyprus Credit Union branch for just $3.00.

  • Give your family, friends, and co-workers the gift of choice.
  • Perfect for all occasions. You decide the amount, and let them get what they want
  • Welcome anywhere VISA® debit cards are accepted, including retail stores and online merchants
  • Available in amounts from $25 to $500
  • Provides peace of mind- unlike cash, it can be replaced if lost or stolen

VISA® Credit Card Terms

Interest Rates and Interest Charges
Annual Percentage Rate
Platinum: 7.99% variable*
Platinum Plus: 9.49% variable*
Grace Period: How to avoid paying interest on Purchases Your due date is the 25th day of each month. We will not charge any interest on the portion of the purchases balances that you pay by the due date of each month
For Credit Card tips from the CFPB To learn more about factors to consider when applying for or using a credit card, visit the website of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at:
Annual Fee
Transaction Fee

Minimum Finance Charge
Average Daily Balance Method (including new purchases)
Cash Advance Fee
1.5% of advance
Late Payment Fee A late charge of 5% of the payment or $25 whichever is greater, shall be charged on any payment not made within 10 days after its due date.
Foreign Transactions Visa has the right to assess a foreign conversion fee. This fee could be up to 1% of the transaction amount.
Other Charges
$15.00 lost/stolen card replacement fee

*Applications are subject to credit approval. Your rate and credit limit will be determined by individual credit worthiness including income, debt ratio, employment and credit history. Verification of income may be required.

VISA® Loan Rate: Based on the Wall Street Journal prime lending rate on the last day of each month, the maximum interest rate over the life of the loan is 18.00%. View Prime Rate Index
VISA® Credit Card/Debit Card Agreement

Extra Awards

Click here to check your points and shop for merchandise and travel rewards online. Have your credit card number ready. Our Extra Awards program has a new secure site. For first time users you will need to click the register button.

Extra Awards Points Summary to see what you can use your points for.

Lost or Stolen VISA

To Report a Lost or Stolen Card During Business Hours
Monday-Friday (8:30 am - 5:30 pm)
Call Cyprus Credit Union
(801) 260-7600
(800) 929-7787

After Business Hours
(800) 682-6075
or log on to

Activate Your Card

Click here to activate a Cyprus VISA® Card

To activate your Cyprus VISA® Card by phone call 800-411-6390.
If outside of the US or Canada call toll free (206) 352-3477.

To activate your card by phone, please call from your home phone listed on your Cyprus Credit Union account.

Declined VISA Transactions

To find out why your Cyprus VISA Debit or Credit Card transaction has been declined call:

During business hours
Monday-Friday (8:30 am - 5:30 pm)
Call Cyprus Credit Union
(801) 260-7600 option 0
(800) 929-7787

After Business Hours
888.526.0404 (Available 24 hours)

Verified by VISA®

Click here to sign up! Verified by VISA® protects your Cyprus Credit Union VISA® card with a personal password, giving you the reassurance that only you can use your VISA® card online. VISA® always protects you against unauthorized purchases. It’s quick, easy and works with your existing Cyprus Credit Union VISA® Debit or VISA® Credit cards.
Here's how it works
Once you activate Verified by VISA®:

  1. At participating online stores, your card will be automatically recognized as protected by Verified by VISA®.
  2. Your password will be verified.
  3. The transaction will be completed as usual.

Important: Please note, to register your VISA® card for this service you must enter the primary account holder’s information, not the joint card holder.
Click here to create your own password today!

Features and Benefits Cyprus Credit Union VISA® Credit Cards
No annual fee 25-day grace period
No transaction fee Billing dispute resolution
No balance transfer fee Free verified by VISA® fraud protection
No minimum finance charge 24-hour online account access
Rate never increases as a penalty Easy access cash advances from your card
Auto rental insurance Choice of card designs


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