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MOBILE alerts

Stay Informed with Mobile Alerts

Stay connected and deter fraud with our free eNotify alerts.  Our automated electronic alerts can be sent to by email, text message or both.  With a wide array of alert options you’ll always know what’s happening with your account.

Set Up Mobile Alerts

Account Alerts to your Phone or Email: Stay plugged in to your account. You can schedule balance alerts, transaction and bill pay alerts, date reminders and more. They can be sent by text, email or phone call.

Easy Alert Management: Easily manage all of your alerts within Home Banking.  Create, edit or delete alerts all within your Home Banking account. 

Set up and manage Mobile Alerts 

Enroll within Home Banking by clicking on "Alerts" under the Services tab. 

Examples of ways you can use Mobile Alerts

Alert Type
Deposit Account
You'll be notified when your account reaches a balance level you create. You can also setup a daily notification with your current balance.
Payroll/ACH Credits Receive an alert when you receive your payroll deposit or an electronic deposit from another institution or online service like PayPal.
Automatic Withdrawals Receive a notification anytime an automatic withdrawal like car insurance payments or your monthly gym membership comes out of your account.
Loan Account Balance You'll be notified when your account reaches a balance level you create. You can also setup a daily, weekly or monthly notification with your current balance.
Loan Payment Due Receive a helpful reminder of when your next loan payment is due.  You control the date of notification and frequency of alerts.
Monthly Statements This tells you your secure electronic statement can be viewed online.
Direct Deposit When your payroll or other expected deposit has been made to your account, you'll get an alert.
Bill Payment Notification Receive an alert when your bill pay transactions process.
Insufficient Funds Don’t get caught up in check fees or returned checks. You’ll be notified immediately if you have items attempting to clear your account but you are short on funds.
Checks Cleared This helpful notification lets you know when checks are clearing in your account. You can specify your notifications by check number or by check amount.
Privilege Pay  Enabling this alert will notify you anytime a transaction has been paid using your privilege pay limit.
Debit/Credit Card Transactions  Receive an alert for any transaction above a specified amount. You’ll always know what’s happening in your account.


New users are automatically enrolled in the following alerts:
(You can disable or change your alerts in Home Banking)

Automatic Withdrawals Automatic withdrawals over $25.00, this includes most bill pay transactions
NSF Transaction Any NSF transaction
Payroll/ACH Credits Payroll/ACH Credits over $10.00
Privilege Pay Any Privilege Pay transaction
ATM Transactions Any ATM transactions over $1.00
Credit Card Transaction Any Credit Card Transaction over $25.00
Debit Card Transactions Any Debit Card transaction over $25.00
Certificates Maturing For Certificates Maturing, the alert will be sent 10 days before the CD Matures
Cleared Checks Any check that clears over $1.00