Card Controls

Take charge of your credit, and debit cards with Card Control. You will now have the ability to turn your Visa cards on & off and set restrictions for your card, including: 

  • Geographic location:
    Use your phone’s location or a selected region on the map to determine where your card will work. If the card is outside of the phone or map’s radius, it will automatically shut off, discouraging potential fraudsters. 
  • Type of merchant:
    Block merchants by category to help deter your own spending or stop others from using your information. These categories include grocers, retail stores, gas stations, restaurants, travel, and many more. 
  • Type of transaction:
    Disable your card from transaction types that you never use. This can include in-store, online, mail/phone order, and ATM access. 
  • Set limits:
    Set transaction limits on your spending to keep yourself on budget or limit the amount fraudsters can gain access to if your card is lost or stolen.

You can also set alerts that will notify you immediately for all card activity, so you’ll always be in control.

Download the Cyprus CU Card Control App on your Smartphone.