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Fee Schedule

Our credit union stays in business by working in the best interest of all members. We are proud to offer many free and convenient services. However, in order to provide the services of processing and collecting checks, book-keeping, preparing and mailing statements, and other labor required to maintain credit union accounts, a fair price must be charged for certain extra services.

We do not ask members to pay for services they do not use.
Click Here for a printable version of our Fee Schedule.

General Account Fees Fee
Account Closure Fee (If closed within 90 days of opening)
Account Research/Reconciliation (No charge if credit union error)
$20 per hour
($20 minimum)
Bad Address (one time)
Card Payment/ Check by Phone Convenience Fee $10
Card Replacement
Card Rush Order 
$25 per card
Check Copy
Coin > $100
Collection Items
$25 per item
Counter Checks
$1 per sheet
Garnishment Fee
Inactive Account Fee (monthly after 1 year of no activity, youth accounts excluded)
Money Orders
$1.50 each
Overdrawn / Privilege Pay Items
$25 per item
$1 per page
Repo Processing Fee $50
Return Deposit Item
$10 per item
Returned / NSF Items
$25 per item
Special Check Handling $25 per item
Statement Copy
Stop Payment: Checks and ACH
Teller Check (2 free per month)
Verification of Deposit
Voice Response/Home Banking Check WIthdrawal $1
Wire Transfer: Incoming or Outgoing
Wire Transfer: International


Business Checking Fees Free Checking Business Checking
Type of Business
Non- Profit
Sole Proprietor
DBA, LLC, Corporation Partnership, LTD
Amount to open savings
Minimum to open business checking
Monthly fee
Per item fee
$0.10 per check deposited and written
Set-up fee (one-time)
$15 (Sole Proprietor, DBA)
$25 (LLC, Corp, Partnership)
Loose coin deposited
Member pays
Member pays
Earn interest
Going rate
Going rate
One signers must have a personal account and be verified through ChexSystems?

Service charges are not limited to the above listed items. Subject to change without notice.

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Last Updated: November 2, 2012