Purchase mortgages

Cyprus offers a wide range of purchase mortgage options to assist its members in buying a home.  Our programs cover every option from the first time buyer to a seasoned real estate investor.


Meet with a Mortgage Advisor

FHA Loans- FHA (Federal Housing Administration) loans are the most common mortgage program used by first time buyers.  This allows a buyer to put as little as 3.5% down on the home.  FHA also allows for limited credit, lower credit scores and non occupant co-borrowers.  This loan can also allow the seller to pay most of the buyer’s loan closing costs.  To see how much home you qualify for, make sure you call one of our Mortgage Advisor today.

Conventional Fixed Rate Mortgage-  Cyprus offers a wide range of financing options for those who have decided to make the move to a larger home or find themselves needing to relocate. These programs require as little as 5% down payment. Call one of our Mortgage Advisor to find out more.

Investors- With as many homes that are currently available on the market, now is a great time for real estate investors to add to their portfolios. Cyprus offers extremely competitive rates and programs to help experienced members invest in real estate. Call one of our Mortgage Advisor today

Utah Housing- Utah Housing is a program sponsored by the state of Utah that allows certain borrowers to obtain a low fixed rate loan with no money out of pocket. There are specific income, credit and eligibility requirements to qualify for this product and it is specifically designed for first time home buyers. Call one of our Mortgage Advisor today. 


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