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New Member Switch Kit

Cyprus Credit Union has made moving your accounts fast and convenient with our Switch Kit. All the letters and forms you will need to make this transition as easy as possible are provided here ... so all you have to do is print and mail the letters to the appropriate companies and/or individuals.

Three Simple Steps to Switch

  1. Open an account at Cyprus Credit Union
  2. Stop using your old account
  3. Select letter(s) below to print and mail

Who Am I Paying?

Sometimes it's tough to remember where you've set up automatic withdrawals. We recommend you review your last few bank statements to see who you are paying. Here's a list of potential providers.

  • Utility Provider (power, water, gas, etc)
  • Home Owner's Association (HOA)
  • Telephone/Cell Provider
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Cable
  • Loans (auto, mortgage)
  • Insurance (health, life, auto)
  • Credit Card
  • Health Club
  • Newspapers, magazines and other subscriptions
  • Tuition Payments

Many providers will let you switch your payment information on their website. Check your providers website to see if you can make the switch online.

Helpful Letters and Forms

  • Close My Account
    This letter is to notify your previous bank that you are closing your account and gives them instructions for disbursement of any remaining funds.
  • Cancel My Automatic Withdrawal or Payment
    Use this letter to send to each of your vendors to cancel any automatic payments made from your old account.
  • Set Up Automatic Withdrawal or Payment
    Send this form to your vendors in order to sign up for automatic payments from your new Cyprus Federal Credit Union account. You can also set up automatic payments through Bill Pay. Bill Pay is a free service for our members that allows you to pay and manage your bills from Home Banking.
  • Switch my Direct Deposit
    Use this form to change your direct deposit from your old account(s) to your new Cyprus account(s). This may include deposits for payroll, social security, etc.
  • Set Up my Direct Deposit
    Use this form to sign up for direct deposit of your payroll into your Cyprus checking account.