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  • 30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage
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  • Reverse Mortgages

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Use our secure application to apply for the following types of VISA®:

  • VISA® Platinum
  • VISA® Platinum Awards

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Joining Cyprus is easier than you think. If you live in Salt Lake County, have a family member who is a Cyprus member of if you are a Utah resident who is willing to pay a one time membership fee of $5 to the Community Recreation Association (CRA) you can join!

You can join the CRA while opening your account at any Cyprus location. The CRA is a non-profit organization that donates funds to recreational activities for children in the community. Click here to visit their website.

Visit the Cyprus branch nearest you and take advantage of the credit unions' benefits.


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For information about Business Loans call us at 801-260-7600 ext. 5270



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